IM Issue 4, 2008



IM4-trauma-article-01-broderick-image[1] “Waiting to Exhale: Somatic Responses to Place and the Genocidal Sublime”

Mick Broderick

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IM4-trauma-article-02-debruyn-image[2] “Dys-membering Traum A Dream”

Dirk de Bruyn

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View film ‘Dysmember’ 2000; 6.53 mins

IM4-trauma-article-03-petkovic-beck-image[3] “ACEH MON AMOUR: SUPERVISING O”

Josko Petkovic and Owen Beck

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IM4-trauma-article-04-rossetti-image[4] “Enigmatic Pearl: Trauma and the Sublime in the short film, Pilbara Pearl

Sarah Rossetti

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Download Script PDF: Pilbara Pearl, Sarah Rosetti. Dir: Christopher Watson; 10 mins, 1998

IM4-trauma-article-05-arthur-image[5] “Pixelated Memory: Online Commemoration of Trauma and Crisis”

Paul Arthur

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IM4-trauma-article-06-traverso-image-edited[6] “Contemporary Chilean Cinema and Traumatic Memory”
(Film Excerpt: ‘Machuca’ –Dir. Andres Wood, Chile, 2004)

Antonio Traverso

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