IM Issue 1, 2005

Inaugural Issue


[1] “Image Thesis: Art or Multidimensional Logic?”

Jay. J. Peters

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[2] “Sovereign Voices: The redundancy of mass media; and moves toward routine and sovereign means of media production/distribution in Roeburne, Western Australia”

Frank Rijavec

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[3] “Performing adoption, translating ‘hiraeth’: Postmodern quest or diasporic inversion?”

Judy Durey

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[4]“Queer Vampiric Desire: Bisexuality on Body without Organs”

Chris Woo

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[5] “Virginia Woolf and Gilles Deleuze: Cinematic e-motion and the Mobile Subject”

Carolyn Abbs

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Book Review

[6] The Paul Virilio Reader, ed., Steve Redhead. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2004; and
Steve Redhead, Paul Virilio: Theorist for an Accelerated Culture, Edinburgh University Press, 2004″

Reviewed by Saul Newman

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[7] “SCREEN PRODUCTION STUDIES AND ASPRI: The Australian Screen Production Research Index”

Leon Marvell

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