Contributor: Justine Poplin

Justine Poplin

College of Arts
Victoria University

Poplin is an artist and researcher. She studied Film and Video at UNSW Australia, where she completed her first degree a Bachelor of Fine Art (Multi Media) and continued studying a Master of Arts in Visual Communication by research at RMIT Melbourne, Australia in 2001. Currently, her PhD research focuses on visual culture and new symbolism in 21st century China.

Her background has seen her involvement with a variety of hybridized art forms and New Media presentations of performance works both in Australia and in China. Poplin has exhibited, curated, collaborated and project managed shows with artists and designers and has also been awarded grants and research residencies for her own work. Her work examines the rapid cross-fertilization in the arts in the digital age, which extends preconceived notions of screen-based culture.

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