Contributor: Josko Petkovic

Josko Petkovic

Dr Josko Petkovic is Director of the National Academy of Screen an d Sound. He has been an active filmmaker for over twenty five years. During this time he has written, directed and produced a series of innovative films including Subjective/ Objective, A Look at Trails, Journey of Anticipation, Frame on Dreaming, Animal Locomotion: Muybridge, Letter to Eros, The Resurrection of the Barque Stefano. These films have been exhibited at numerous national and international festivals and conferences. Letter to Eros was a finalist for the 1995 Grand Prize at the prestigious Yamagata International Documentary Festival. In 1995 Letter to Eros was also nominated for an AFI Award and an ATOM. Award.

In addition to his personal academic work, Dr Petkovic takes an active role in teaching and curriculum initiatives and supervises many of the Academy’s postgraduate and Honours students.