Contributor: Judy Durey

Judy Durey

Judy Durey is an Installation artist working with multi-media. She has work in various major collections and has presented aspects of her praxis at a range of interdisciplinary forums. These include the Psi 5 International Performance Studies Conference, Aberystwyth, Wales, (1999), various Conferences on Adoption and Reproductive Technology in Australia and New Zealand (1997) (1998) (2000), a Contemporary Archaeology Forum on Creative Narrative and Cultural Production, Goteborg University, Sweden (2003), and the 2005 Australasian Cultural Studies Conference, ‘Everyday Transformations’.

In 2005 her work was represented as part of PIAF (Perth International Arts Festival). Her area of research draws together the two contested sites of Performance Studies, and ‘adoption’. She is currently completing a PhD in the School of Social Science and Humanities at Murdoch University.