Forthcoming Issues

Issue  Focus  Submission Date  Publication Date
12 Now/Then 31/12/2016 1/06/2017
13 Animal/Machine 30/06/2017 15/12/2017

Call for Papers

Issue 12: Now/Then

Submissions are invited for Issue 12.
See table above for submission and publication dates.

Editorial Policy and Style Guide

Please note the following publishing policies and style notes applicable to submissions:

  • We can only accept previously unpublished work.
  • We will receive contributions for consideration via email as an attached file in Word or RTF file format.
  • Please label your file with your family name (surname) first, eg brewer_issue4.doc. This allows us to download and keep track of your paper without problems.
  • All pages are to be numbered, and, to allow for anonymous refereeing, the author’s name and institution should be typed on a separate sheet and submitted with the manuscript. On the disk copy, please make sure your name does not appear on the file.
  • Papers should not normally be longer than 5000-6000 words.
  • Include an abstract of 100-150 words.
  • Include a list of keywords to be included in the metatag. These words will be used by search engines to locate your paper.
  • Captions for image files must be included.
  • Please send a short bio-data and a photograph of yourself : JPEG, portrait style, to a maximum of width: 125px, height: 165px
  • Referencing is to be Harvard style with Endnotes.

Video/Audio Content

We prefer you to supply us with copies of any original video/audio content so that we can load these into IM’s Vimeo and Soundcloud accounts, thereby guaranteeing links to these elements will remain intact over time. Each article can contain up to a total of 200Mb of AV material. Ensure your files comply with the following formatting criteria:

  • Video: MP4 or FLV
  • Sound: MP3 (at least 96bps, preferably 128bps)
  • Images: JPEG

Where it is not possible or appropriate to supply AV materials, you should embed links within your article pointing to relevant internet pages where the media can be played.